A Mushroom That May Literally Expand Your Mind: Lion's Mane

For centuries Lions Mane has been used in traditional Chinese medicine to help  improve memory, focus, and cognition.

It was first mentioned in the Records of Guilin Prefecture (the late 16th century) as having miraculous curative abilities.

It is named Lion's mane for its appearance; A large, shiny clump of many tiny stringy white branches. Lion's mane is easy to spot in the wild for its unique appearance and can also be harvested.

What is Lion's Mane Mushroom?

Lion's Mane Mushroom ( Hericium Erinaceus ) holds promise for those who wish to improve their cognitive function and protect against neurological decline. The fungus has shown to contain compounds that may help with neurological disorders, neurorestorative processes  and improve cognition.

Lion's Mane  is one of over 150 recognized species in the Hericium genus. While all species within this class bear the common name Hericium, they are often referred to more specifically by their Latin names. 

Lion's Mane grows throughout Japan, Eastern, and Central Europe, and North America (from Maine to Minnesota), most often on the stumps of deciduous trees such as oaks and chestnuts, though it is also found on conifers such as pines and cedars.

Lion's Mane Mushroom Nutrition

Lion's Mane mushroom is a great source of protein, fiber, and Vitamin D, making it an easy addition to your daily routine! 100 g of Lion's Mane contains:

  • 26 g Protein (52% DV)

  • 25 g Carbohydrates (47% DV)

  • 3.2 g Fat (4% DV)

  • 1.5 g Fiber (6% DV)

  • 1700 IU Vitamin D (34% DV)

It's also a great source of minerals such as Potassium, Zinc, and Copper! 100 g of Lion's Mane contains:

  • 459 mg Potassium (11% DV)

  • 1.8 mg Zinc (12% DV)

  • 2 mg Phosphorous (5% DV)

  • 3.7 mcg Copper (36% DV)

How to Use Lion's Mane Mushroom

Lion's Mane mushrooms are generally used in supplements, teas, or tinctures. The mushroom is often dried to reduce its size and improve absorption.

Whichever way you prefer to take it, Lion's Mane mushroom is an excellent addition to your daily routine. It is a powerful herb that makes a perfect foundation for any supplement regimen.

Lion's Mane Mushroom Benefits

There are numerous benefits of taking Lions Mane:

May Help Enhance Cognition– May Improve learning, memory, and focus. Clinical trials have found that individuals who take the mushroom daily can process information faster, recall information better, and overall be more aware.

May be Anti-inflammatory –  May reduce inflammation in the body. It may be helpful for autoimmune disorders such as MS, arthritis, and Crohn's disease.

 May Promote Neurological Health – Has been shown  to have properties that may protect against neurodegenerative diseases.

 May Help Improve Skin health –  May promote skin health and cellular growth.

May Promote Mental health – May help decreases anxiety and depression symptoms

 May Increase Brain energy – Lions Mane may increase the production of neurons and acetylcholine in the brain. Acetylcholine is a neurotransmitter that plays an essential role in many neurological processes like memory and learning.

May Promote Nerve Growth Factor –  May increase the release of, a protein that can increase the length of nerve cell processes called nerve  growth factor

How does Lion's Mane Mushroom Work?

The complete mechanism by which Lion's Mane works is not entirely understood. However, it is thought that compounds in the mushroom promote nerve growth and helps overall brain health, development and neuro-regeneration.

While research on Lion's Mane Mushroom and  the digestive tract, the digestive system is limited, the same compounds that stimulate brain cells may also be found in the gut. Stimulating these neurons of the peripheral nervous system can enable certain beneficial bacteria to proliferate and benefit digestion as well as overall health.

Final Thoughts

If you're looking for an all-natural solution that may improve your cognitive processes, concentration and over all mental capacity Lion's mane is the perfect supplement. 

The most exciting part about this is that studies of Lion's Mane Mushroom are very new and everyday we keep learning so much more about it.

You can find Lion’s Mane combined with Full Spectrum CBD in our Focus potion, designed to unlock your brain's maximum potential.


Some mild, temporary side effects such as dizziness, nausea, and abdominal discomfort have been reported by some users; individuals with allergies to mushrooms and those taking anticoagulant medications (i.e., Warfarin) should avoid this supplement.

This supplement is not intended for pregnant or lactating mothers. Always consult a professional healthcare provider prior to use, if taking any medications and if any adverse symptom is experienced.

This article was not written by a healthcare professional and is intended to be for entertainment purposes only.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to treat, diagnose or cure any disease

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