Our Story

"Beauty begins in the brain - and in the modern, busy lives we live, it can get really hard to keep up with our mind and body's health. Stress manifests differently in every body (insomnia, fatigue, anxiety, low libido), and while no stress at all would not be good - learning to balance stress can transform us into the superhuman we really are. Apottech starts with a collection of functional plant powered formulas that combine the magic of cannabinoids and adaptogens tailored for specific needs, but our mission goes beyond.

Apottech was born with the vision of creating a contemporary apothecary for a digital era. We aim to empower people to claim control of their wellbeing by introducing simple rituals into daily routines and leveraging technology to spread knowledge about wellness and bridge the gap between traditional herbal medicine and modern society. We are a minority owned, small startup that was born in June 2021 and launched in April 2022 with the goal of preserving herbal traditions and healing society from the inside out. 

True beauty starts from within and expands to our outermost self. When we find inner peace and balance, our bodies naturally glow. Our holistic approach to wellness focuses on plant powered formulas mindfully designed for each moment of your day. All our products are third party lab tested and made in USA in a Good Manufacturing Practices, FDA regulated facility. We work day and night to stay above industry standards to offer you the highest quality, most trustworthy and efficient products – with results you can really feel. 

We are building a community and want you to be part of our journey. Just like human beings, our brand is continuously growing and we would feel honored if you want to be part of it. Any ideas and feedback are welcome, feel free to reach us at hi@apottech.com.

There are very exciting surprises in the lineup and we are inviting you to be part of our story."



Apottech is a Latin-owned cannabis & adaptogens brand founded by Maria Mateo and her husband Francisco Fumero Guerra. As a first generation Latin Americans from Costa Rica, they grew up with a fascination for ancient shamanic traditions, understanding of plant medicine & the benefits of incorporating  herbs and rituals into their lives. After moving from Costa Rica's jungle to New York amidst the Covid pandemic, they noticed the world was on standby and sick and immediately had a calling to do their part on making things better. That's why Apottech was born with the mission to provide the tools & knowledge to own your wellbeing & manage mind, body and spirit from the inside out.

Maria Mateo
Francisco Fumero Guerra
"We are living in a new era, an era in which we become owners of our own truths and lives. We  now know better than trusting obscure organizations and institutions  that profit from lies and sickness. It is up to each one of us to take back control of our destiny and become our best self. This is the era truth, freedom, love & knowledge"

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